Pinterest vs. Reality

When I first decided to dip my toe into the blogging world, I did a lot of reading. I kept seeing the same question. What would my niche be? DIY Projects, Cooking, Baking, Crafts, Life with Kids? Anyone who knows me will tell you; I LOVE it all! I couldn't just pick one.

The one trend I've noticed with so many blogs, influencers, and pages is that every post is" Pinterest Perfect." Meaning perfect photoshop, perfect lighting, perfect hair & makeup, perfect home, perfectly plated food, even messy posts are 'perfect messes.'

Don't get me wrong there are a lot of these pages I love to follow for inspiration, but looking back at their earlier posts, before they took that same step I am taking, they had blurry pictures, messy posts, funny posts, relatable real-life posts. I felt connected to those posts.

Things aren't always what they seem, especially when it comes to social media. Portraying this level of perfectionism can make people in general, and especially moms feel inadequate. As if they aren't a Great Mom because they don't serve those perfectly plated meals, their children's diet consists of mostly chicken nuggets, string cheese, and fruit snacks, their home isn't completely spotless 24/7, and can't spend hours making extravagant crafts while working full time.

I love the bench my Uncle made for our entryway. I love changing the decor on it every season. The left picture is what it looks like when guests come, or posting picture on social media. The right is what it looks like 95% of the time.

This realization made me realize what I want my 'niche' to be.

I want to use this platform to share delicious recipes, my custom cakes, DIY home projects, home décor, kids crafts, sharing with other special needs moms on things I find to help Rilynn, and just the every day mom life struggles.


I always want to show my real side. The messy, unedited, not so perfect side that is usually hidden. I hope seeing what the behind the scenes is really like makes even one mom or person feel better about themselves. I'm excited to show the moments my house looks "Pinterest Perfect," but I want to show other people it's ok not to be perfect. It doesn't make you a failure for not being 'Pinterest Perfect.' Remember, you have one life to live. Do what makes you the happiest! Maybe it's traveling, cooking, decorating your home, music, spending time doing activities with your kids. Don't let this faux level of perfectionism make you feel like you aren't enough. YOU ARE!


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