The Ultimate Rice Krispie Treats

Who doesn't love rice krispie treats?! They

are honestly one of my favorite desserts from my childhood.  Though I have to be honest, these aren't like the ones your mom used to make!

I LOVE marshmallows.  Seriously, mini, jumbo, peeps, frosting, chocolate covered.  Two weeks after giving birth to Kristian, I decided to add way more marshmallows then traditionally called for. In my head it sounded AMAZING.  From that day on, I never looked back.  My husband loved them just as much!  I also add vanilla extract for a nice additional subtle flavor.

My favorite food quote is, "Once cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well." -VirginiaWoolf

So I enjoy these extra sugary treats. I hope this recipe makes you as happy as it makes me! Click HERE for Printable/Downloadable Version.

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