I always knew whenever we were ready to buy a home, and I wanted a home with potential. It didn’t have to look pretty; it just needed to have space for our family to grow. Our home was the second house we looked at. We fell in love; it had every single thing on our wish lists. We put in an offer that day! When you hear buying a home is one of the most stressful events in your life, they aren’t kidding! We were supposed to close April 4th, which gave us almost a whole month to paint and move in. Our lease was up May 1st, and we closed April 28th. Almost a year after moving in, I decided it was time to tackle this very brown outdated bathroom. I may be a little biased, but I love how it came out! I had a Joanna Gaines vision on a small DIM(Do It Myself) budget. To Pinterest, I went! I knew I wanted shiplap, but it would have broken my budget! I purchased Tri-PLY underpayment at Home Depot. It cost $26 to do the entire wall. I ripped them down to 6” wide pieces. I did different lengths to alternate each row. I used my remaining Sherwin Williams Alabaster White cabinet paint. I primed and painted all sides of the boards before hanging. I primed the wall, so it was white, not beige, using nickels as spacers. If you hang the shiplap first, it’s a lot more difficult and time-consuming to try and paint in between the boards. I used a nail gun to nail them into the studs. If you must nail into Sheetrock, make sure to on a downward angle, not straight into the wall. The remaining walls I painted in Sherwin Williams Topsail. It’s such a pretty light, refreshing blue. I kept the vanity and sink. I painted the vanity SW Smokey Blue. I purchased handles at Home Depot to make opening the cabinets more accessible. They also add a nice updated touch. For the sink and bathtub replacing wasn’t in the budget. I purchased Rustoleum Tub and Tile. It has been over three years, and it’s held up great. Some people have found issues of peeling after a year. I believe prep work is critical! I scrubbed and prepped the surface, and did it on the weekend my husband took the kids to visit family. The fumes are extremely strong. I wore a ventilated mask and ended up having to open all of the windows to air out the house.

For flooring, I purchased Traffic Master Luxury Vinyl Planks in the Khaki Oak color. The faucet is the Porter oil rubbed bronze by Delta from Home Depot. The Double showerhead is from Amazon The Shower Knob is from Amazon The Decor Stockholm Mirror from Ikea Planter and greenery is the Fintorp line from Ikea Shower Curtain from Amazon Towel Hooks from Amazon Shelf Décor from Michaels Towels and Bath Mat from Kohl’s The total bathroom makeover cost me about $550. I hope you’ve found some inspiration! -K

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